I've made payment arrangements. Why was I denied?
Apartments in Dallas want your broken lease paid in full before they will accept you. Luckily there are some Dallas apartments that will work with payment arrangements. What this means is you go back to the property you broke your lease at and tell them you want to pay off your broken lease. The arrangements can be $20, $30, $50 a month, and maybe more. Whatever you agree on with the property manager. NEGOTIATE... Make your first payment and get a letter stating that you've made arrangements to pay off your broken lease. Then with that letter... off you go to the apartments in Dallas that will work with you. It is important that you continue making payments or the property will put it right back on your credit.Locators in Dallas can be instrumental in helping you find a great Dallas apartment to live in.

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I co-signed for a friend and they skipped on the rent!
You have a broken lease....sorry! You can dispute it on your credit or hunt down your friend and have them make payment arrangements. But you are responsible from the apartment's viewpoint. Call a Dallas locator and they will know what to do and where to take you.

How to legally break a lease.
If your in the military and being transferred or re-deployed ...no problem!. Otherwise, you will have to pay a re-let fee. Usually 85% of a months rent. Sometimes you will have to pay back concessions as well. Say you got $250.00 off your first months rent. Many apartments in Dallas will hold you responsible for the rent until it is leases again. That's the scary part ... be sure and clarify that with the manager. No property can collect 2 rents on the same unit. Talk with your apartment manager and be crystal clear that you understand their policies regarding re-let fees.

I'm getting mail from a collection agency concerning my broken lease!
This means it has been reported to the credit bureau and is now on your credit report. Your broken lease is official. You will have to make payment arrangements or find a rental property that will work with you. When you find yourself here you almost have to work with a Dallas apartment locator.

I broke a lease but I had a very good reason too!
For all practical purposes a TAA property lease is ironclad.... let me repeat that...IRONCLAD. If you absolutely have to break a lease agreement,  talk to your manager or landlord first, explain your situation and try and make payment arrangements with them. Most of them understand and will work with you. Some of them will bend over backwards. Property managers can be sympathetic but remember they have heard it all. There are procedures they must follow to the letter of the law. That's why most of them cannot take partial payments (all though many will... for a while.) In practical terms most people break a lease because they lose their job are or getting a divorce. Sometimes a family member gets sick. Sometimes its an abusive situation. Sad as it may be... none of these things will matter if you do not fulfill the terms of your lease agreement....sorry. 

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Somebody broke into my car and I decided to leave!
Nobody wants to live in fear, but a TAA residential lease agreement is ironclad. That means you will end up with a broken lease. I have seen  apartments in Dallas let people out, but usually its just one of those unfortunate things, from the apartments point of view. Definitely tell the manager and call the police. Whatever happens will be at the manager's discretion. Be thorough and have documentation when you talk to him/her. Things are beginning to change here. Lately I've seen people legally get out of their lease due to domestic violence  and crime. Police reports, documentation, pictures, eye-witnesses, anything you can get your hands on to plead your case with the manager. is what you will need.

They said I didn't give a 30 or 60 day notice!
Apartments in Dallas are very strict about this. You must give proper notice and they must know you have given proper notice. Write it, date it and make an extra copy for your records. DONT JUST DROP IT IN THE NIGHTBOX. In spite of the fact you have fulfilled the time on your lease you could still end up with a broken lease because you did not give proper notice. Worse still...you could be denied at the next property your looking at. Most properties want you to give notice no later then the 3rd. There are quite a number of apartments in Dallas that make you give a 60 day notice (a royal pain). Be sure you know exactly what the policy is. Oh...and one more thing! Just because you have lived there five years, paid your rent on time and have been an ideal tenant, don't think they cannot break your lease without proper notice.


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If you Have a broken lease, eviction or even if your credit is bad. You will have to relay on dumb luck or contact a local Dallas apartment locator. You can find them on this site or by searching "Dallas apartment finder" There services are 100% free and they are paid by the apartments. YOU CAN REPAIR YOUR CREDIT.